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No. 5   Pierre Boulez
Twelve notations for piano (part)
2.   Très vif
4.   Rythmique

No. 6   Olivier Messiaen
The Adoration of Time
from: Twenty Adorations on the Child-Jesus

No. 7   Wolfgang Rihm
Sphere  |  Counter-Structure with Piano Contra Body for piano, winds and percussion (part)

No. 8   Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude and Fugue E major
from: The Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1

No. 9   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Concerto No. 23, A major K 488
Adagio (part)

No. 10   Robert Schumann
Eusebius  |  Florestan
from: Carnaval op. 9

No. 11   Franz Liszt
Mephisto-Watz (part)

No. 12   Claude Debussy
Briars  |  from: Préludes, book 2

No. 13   Enrique Granados
Andaluza  |  from: Danzas Espanolas

No. 14   Sergej Prokofjew
Piano Sonata No. 3, A minor, op. 28